New deadline for abstract submission : 30 March

Abstracts for poster presentations are welcome. All abstracts will be reviewed by the
OTEANE Scientific Committee. The accepted and finalized abstracts will be printed into
the OTEANE 2007 Book of Proceedings.

Posters should be related to following items:

Trace minerals from animal excretion in soils and waters
Speciation of trace elements in forages/feeds, in animal wastes and in soils
Pollution cases with trace elements originating from animal production
Heavy metals and contaminants in the feed chain
Ecological assessement of animal farming for mineral balance
Trace element antagonisms in animal nutrition
Dietary manipulation with doses of trace minerals
Dietary manipulation with sources of trace minerals
Effects of manure treatments on concentrations in trace minerals

12 March 2007: abstract submission.

10 April 2007: authors will be informed on the acceptance of their paper.

The Abstracts will be printed in the OTEANE 2007 Book of Proceedings by Wageningen
Academic Publishers. Please follow the guidelines( ) for redaction. Each
abstract will be limited to a maximum of 2 pages following the guidelines.
Please send the abstract for submission to:

Hébergeur: Rapidomaine - Bureau d'enregistrement de nom de domaine